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Events- May 3, 4, & 5, 2013
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Trailer Backing Contest


This happens on Sunday.  You can sign up with a partner, requires one of you to drive the pick up blindfolded with only your partner giving you directions.  A husband and wife team actually won the title last year!  They beat out some professional drivers.  Good luck as they'll be competing again.






While you’re at the show, enjoy local treats from Jaycees's local burger stand, Kettle Corn,  Rendezvous Catering and Wilcoxson’s Ice Cream. Coffee from Bubba Joe's,Slices of fresh pie from Hearts Joy Pie, Baked Goods From Sinclair's Bakery too!





Live Demonstrations 


5:15  Planting a larger pot of flowers, Chris from the Gallatin Empire Garden Club


6:00  Spinners from the Twisted Sisters Spinning group show you how it is done


6:30  Meet the Black Angus Pair- Bill and Tracy Brennan, BB Ranch, Pony, MT





Kids Corral



5:00 Horseshoe Trace & Color & Decorate


6:00 Extenstion Office presents:


7:00  Gallatin Valley Farm to School lesson




Lecture Hall 


 Each session is 30 minutes of information, followed with 15 minutes of questions and answers.



5:30  Fort Park Homesteaders—Weston Arnold adn Tessa Switzer, The Extrme History Project


6:30 News from the Extension Office from Jodie DeLay


7:30 Daryl Lassila, Montana Organic Association




 Arena Events 


6:00  Herd Dog Demo



Ag Theater 


5:00 Montana Beef Council Suggest these video shorts


6:00 Peterson Farm Bros short videos


7:00 Homesteading at the Tinsley House







Live Demonstrations 


10:00 Bozeman Weaver's Guild Introduces the beginning of the fleece to shawl marathon


11:00 Meet the Nigerian Dwarf Goats- Hyalite Farm, Dr. Laura Roe


10:00 Milking Demonstration—Sabo Ranch, Jenny Sabo


11:30 Meet the rabbits in the barn


12:30 Spinning—Shirley Halverson, Montana Wool Growers 


1:00 Homesteading Special


2:00  Small Equipment repair and Maintenance, Kenyon Noble, Demostration area


2:30 Why vet inspections are a good idea, Jenny Sabo, barn


3:00 Sheep Shearing—Ryan Keyes


3:30 Needle Felting, LaVonne Stucky, Serenity Sheep Farm Stay, Demonstraion area


4:00 Raising a flock, MSU extension


5:00 Meet a steer calf for sale-Garl Germann, Meat Montana LLC



Kids Corral 


10:00 large Scale Barn Drawing & Coloring


11:00 Plant some tomatoes!—Wildrose Greenhouse 


12:00 Paint a Piggy Bag


1:00 Do your Barnyard chores, relay races


2:00 Art Lesson, Grain Mandalas, Montana New School of Art


3:00 Grind your own Flour/Needle in a Haystack


4:00 “Needle Felting" LaVonne Stucky, Serenity Sheep Farm Stay


5:00  Horse Bingo—Win prizes! 


Lecture Hall 


10:30 - Montana Branding History 1873-1951-Zoe Ann Stoltz, Montana Historical Society


11:30 Basics of Canning, Mary Anne Keyes, Park County Extension Agent (Bring your pressure cooker for testing!


12:30  Getting a Hive Started, Alison Knaub,  Gallatin Valley Beekeepers


1:30 Eating a Local Diet Year Around, Matthew Brougton, 3 Fiddles Farm


2:30 Miss Rodeo Montana


3:30 Society for Range Management/Synergy Resource Solutions-  Jack Alexander


4:30 John Pfister, Round Up Extension agent gives training worth a 1 credit recertification for weed applicators




  Make sure you visit the the outhouse patrol display~—James and Reggie share their stories 




 Arena Events Saturday and Sunday, same schedule


10:15 Stampede Riders


10:45 Horse Balance—Rene Noreiga, Equistride


 12:45—Jake McCoy, Breakaway Stirrups


1:00  Stampede Riders


1:30 Equine Body Work,   Rene Noreiga


3:00 Kids session, color your horse muscle id, function and therapy


Ag Theater 


10:00 Cowboy Hall of Fame


11:00  Sweetgrass


12:00  Montana Wool Growers documentary


1:00  Peterson Bros video shorts




3:00 Dr Temple Grandin suggest this slaughterhouse short/Temple Grandin the movie


4:00 Growing a greener world, Montana PBS

5:00 Montana Historical Society






Barn Dance(see Special Events) 6:00-8:00




Live Demonstrations 


10:30 Terri McKenna, Basketcase shows off basketweaving


10:00  Make sure to get your picture with a restored tractor, submit to us for our website!


 11:00   Cow milking, Jenny Sabo, Sabo Ranch


12:00 Meet the breed Dexters


12:00 Shoeing a Drafthorse, Josh Stanley, Sunlight Forge


1:30 Putting together a pot, Chris from the Empire Garden Club


1:00  Meet the breed:  Churro Sheep, MT Sheepskin Co


2:00  Your DSA district and inspection talk, Ted Wall, MT Dept of Livestock


3:00 Meet the Nigerian Dwarf Goats, Hyalite Farm, Dr Laura Roe




Kids Corral  


10:00 Horsehoe Trace & Color


11:00 Lesson from the Extension Office


12:00 Farm  Relays


12:00 “Needle in a Haystack” Treasure Hunt/ Planting  with WIldrose Greenhouse


1:00  Planting with Wild Rose Greenhouse


2:00 Horse Bingo with prizes


3:00 Make your own butter!Gallatin Valley Farm to School




Lecture Hall 


10:30   Cloud 9 Farm, Alison Rooney explains a CSA


11:30 George Haynes, MSU presents- Agrilcultural Outlook and Economic Concerns of Drought for Farmer's and Ranchers


12:30 Homesteading Foods, Zoe Anne Stolz, Montana Historical Society


1:30 "Hungry and Naked, that's where you'd be without agriculture!" By Jill Herrod


2:30 " Meatless Mondays and other environmental Fairytale" By Dr Jude Capper, MSU  Affliate





3:00 Trailer Backing Contest—Sign up ahead of time for this fun timed event! Blindfolded driver pulls trailer, backs it through pylons, guided only by partner’s vocal directions. 






Ag Theater 


10:30 Zone 4 magazine recommendations


11:30  BLM -Values of public grazing


12:30   Discovery Channel Series, the Last American Cowboy


1:30  PBS, Growing a Greener World, Farm School


2:30 IN Organic We Trust, Montana Organic Association


You might catch some Bonanza or Little House on the Prairie in between!





Our team has put together a dynamite weekend of events! Can't wait to see you at the show!